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LifeWave patches

Lifewave Patches UK 24Welcome to the Future of Health Performance

LifeWave’s patented, non-transdermal patch technology has been the subject of over 70 research and clinical studies, and for good reason: the products produce dramatic, and often immediate, results. Used by healthcare practitioners, celebrities, Olympic and professional athletes, and people from all walks of life in over 100 countries who want “the edge”, LifeWave has what you need to feel your best.

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Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation (ExMI™)

NeoControl Logo1As urinary incontinence is defined the uncontrolled loss of urine, in urge type, in stress type or mixed type incontinence.

The causes of incontinence in both men and women can be:

• The transient causes such as urinary tract infections etc.

• The overactive bladder

• Insufficiency chuck urethral

• The obstruction of bladder outlet

• Congenital abnormalities and others.

However the diagnosis of the pathology is made after a similar approach by specialists and urologists how to deal with the disease, and is depended on the underlying causes. The specialist is required to propose treatments according to the case and might be medical, surgical and other support methods or a combination of them.

Among the supporting proposals to address both the urge form of incontinence and stress of incontinence, physiotherapy is involved to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which in the past was succeeded by means of electrical stimulation strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. But this was no so pleasant for the patient and the doctor (physiotherapist).

With the evolution of technology in medicine has been created the Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation (ExMI™) which gives us a non-invasive, painless, effective and important adjuvant therapy to the patient.

What is exactly the Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation (ExMI™)?

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RIMM 999 ELMAS molecular magnetic resonance

Helmas Rimm999RIMM 999 is a new machine based on magnetic resonance imaging of specific molecular biological tissues, taking into consideration that every tissue in the process of 'health' issues which are of molecular magnetic vibration-70μv. If you alter the fabric of this index is currently being 'Illness'. This phenomenon makes it possible to successfully treat all major illnesses osteoarticular, restoring this value sudetto, as the diseases to:

Costusioni trauma and dislocation and distortion  

• Osteoporosis Cervicalgie

• Meniere, Barre Fibromiosite

• Trigeminal Neuritis fractures or other

• Acute Sciatica Chronic Sciatica

• Sciatica fibromiositica Ankylosing


• Epicondylitis Golfer's elbow

• Toxic Rheumatoid Arthritis

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The body composition analyzer TANITA TBF 300

Body-Composition-Analyzer---TBF-300WA lLosing body fat, not muscle. It 'very important to know how much fat should be lost!

Is not our job to suggest or propose different methodologies and solutions to lose fat and be leaner. This is the work of others (people specialized scientifically to solve this problem.)

But what we can now propose show to our patients are overweight or obese, and ilsistema to know how much fat should lose weight, if for reasons of "health" should be thinner or not (ie for their suffering from pain in the spine particularly in the lumbar region, hip, knees, ankles), so that you can have the best and fastest results during their therapy.

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Biofeedback 2The term biofeedback (feedback) is the method by which we can give the patient an opportunity to monitorize and understand the process of movement of its members injured, and then complete his rehabilitation and repair the muscle relaxation and consequently reduce the pains. In short ,we can say that this is an educational process especially when the patient through the brain and the body learns to lead and execute the movements.


Biofeedback is indicated for:

• strength- training and exercise

• post-operative rehabilitation

• improve and increase the range of motion of joints (ROM)

• for stimulation and muscle recovery after surgery

• increase local blood circulation

• problems of cervical-thorace-back pain

• to reduce hypertonia (muscle spasms).


• Pacemaker

• pregnancy

• Malignancies.

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CureCenter13Electrotherapy is an important element of physical therapy. Current stimulation will treat tissue via stimulations with electrodes (plate electrodes, adhesive electrodes, vacuum electrodes, or special electrodes such as punctiform or pad electrodes) on the selected areas. Depending on the current mode and the selection of parameters (i. e. impulse form, impulse duration, pause time, frequency, intensity) the stimulation current can have significant effects in the following areas of treatment:

• Pain reduction

• Stimulation of blood circulation and trophic enhancement

• Nerve stimulation, for example the training of innervations and treatment of paralysis

• Muscle stimulation to build up/maintain muscles

• Muscular relaxation

• Iontophoresis.

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DEEPWARM / med (hyperthermy)

DeepWarm DSC09131Hyperthermia (DEEP WARM med) enables the biological system of the body to produce heat, which diffused from the inner tissues to outer layers of the tissues surrounding, thanks to the phenomenon of conductivity and especially through blood circulation. (Temperature intrinsic), as opposed to short-wave therapy (diathermy) for which the created heat from the external parts goes to the internal parts of the human body (temperature extrinsic).

Through this method of deep warm Endogen prevent overheating of the skin, dehydration and energy loss in the first layer of biological tissue, as it happens during the application of exogenous temperature (short-wave diathermy). During the execution of endogenous growth temperature reached a temperature between 40 ˚ C and 43 ˚ C, while the achievement of therapeutic effects, such as.

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Short wave therapy

ShortWaveThe application of warmth in tissue Shortwave Therapy for which generates electric and magnetic fields are used. Short waves are applied using either the method or the field Condenser and coil field method.

With the condenser field method the treated body part is placed between two condenser plates (electrodes shell or soft rubber electrodes). A periodic charge exchange process occurs in the treated tissue under the influence of high frequency alternating electrical fields, Which results in uniform heating through of all levels of the treated tissue segments.

The method uses a coil field coil in the form of a vortex current electrode (single-dose) or Diploid. The high frequency current flows through the coil, which creates a variable magnetic field in its environment. The predominant magnetic field causes a warming in tissue with good conductive structure, such as connective tissue and muscles.

In the impulse mode during the shortwave therapy, the focus is on the a thermal effect with trophic enhancement and reflective influences on the vascular system. The local thermal effect dominates in continuous operation, causing improved cell metabolism, reduced viscosity of bodily fluids, higher tensibility of collagen fibers, circulation stimulation and manipulation of the nervous system. Shortwave therapy is therefore used predominantly in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, rheumatology, as well as in some cases in , urology, gynecology and internal medicine for:

"Treatment of chronic inflammations

Pain Reduction

"Spasm reduction and muscular relaxation.

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Soft Laser

LaserLASER soft which means ( "Light Amplification by stimolated emission of radiation) is the light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The laser beam can easily obtain the frequencies of light therapy, much more powerful emitters of the usual therapeutic range. The Laser as well as being used in various industrial fields, space research for military purposes, is also used for many years in medicine albeit in different areas applicativi.Si distinguishes, in fact, the so-called "power-laser (which produces mainly effects of photo-evaporation and photo-chemical reactions: an example is the laser scalpel) from the mid-laser and soft lasers (which have effect only biostimulating). In physical therapy we use the laser for soft tissue affect the stimulation effects biostimulants quail: the activation of microcirculation, stimulation mitochondrial activation of the lymphatic peristalsis, the conversion of prostaglandin and prostacyclin in the hyperpolarization of the membrane and nerve fiber characterized by an 'absence of significant thermal effect, due to the wavelength used: for the 800-1200 nm range is the ideal field for therapeutic applications, given that there is no significant tissue absorption phenomena (and in fact the soft laser was also called "cold laser"). The easy one laser emits a wavelength of about 904nm which is unanimously considered to be ideal, being able to allow tissue penetration of up to 30-35mm.

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YperixosDT-20 Pagani. Ultrasonic apparatus operating real time, with the possibility of continuous and pulsed (25%, 50%, 75%) with adjustable power emission and two heads 1 and 3 MHz Does finished programs and therapy can be associated with a device for electro-therapy combined.

Ultrasound therapy, along with electrotherapy, is one of the popular forms of physical therapy treatment. Therapeutic ultrasound is used, with the frequency  1 MHz or 3 MHz, as continuous output or pulsed output in different duty cycles. Ultrasound therapy is  providing mechanical and thermal therapy due to its complex effects.

Depending on parameters therapy (therapy frequency, output type, dose, therapy duration and mode), the emphasis is on a  thermal effect that results from ultrasound therapy (thermal growth that reflects from the skin barrier to the inner layers of the tissue), or in the micro massage in the treated tissue segments.

The effects of the ultrasound therapy can be summarized as follows:

•  Hyperemia

•  Acceleration of metabolic functions (microcirculation, diffusion processes)

•  Increasing the elasticity of connective tissue structures (collagen fibers)

•  Alleviation of pain

•  Muscular spasm and deionization resolution

•  Acceleration and stimulation of the healing process.

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CureCenter8ATR Human biological system could be compared with an electrical complicated high way where all the mechanism, nervous, muscles, cellular are living from one electrical motor. You could think of membrane activity or of nervous transmission or of the cellular energetic production, all activity that sustain a fundamental electricity mechanism.

When electrical activity is reduced or modified, the performance of our body reduces and the biological system starts to mal-function; to loose its efficiency and in several cases, it brings to death. *» Specific oscillating electrical wave field at high frequency (Radio Frequency), means that wave length range in particular, diffuse in organism in particular effective way to adapt the deeper structure (bones, muscles, internal organs).

The presence of electrical wave field at high frequency on the tissue permit an immediate and positive interaction, to improve and to restore the performance.



It is obtained from the Radio Frequency energetic activity to lower the nervous discharge thre shold.


It is obtained from the endogenous heat that stimulates and reactivates the hepatic and lymphatic cycle of the treatment area.


It is obtained from the capacitive and resistive method

ATR MED TECAR gives fantastic therapeutic results in various pathologies most in PHYSIOTHERAPY -| REHABILITATION - SPORTS MEDICINE- NEUROLOGY –REUMATOLOGY.

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Magnet Therapy (magnetic fields)

CureCenter4The use of the magnetic field is a form of complementary and alternative therapy based on the creation of magnetism, which as the experts believe contribute to the improvement of the circulatory system and increases the ability of tissues to treat various inflammatory conditions. The application of the magnetic field has produced good results in many diseases such as cervical pain syndrome-arthritis-pain-low back pain muscle-distortion-fractures-post-operative conditions, etc.. providing an anti-inflammatory action by increasing the 'hyperemia’ action to release endorphins that  alleviate pain, decrease edema remove all ‘waste’ of the metabolism of the affected area (toxins), helps the metabolism of lipids and proteins, increasing blood circulation in affected areas.

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VibrafitExercise the muscles through VIBRAFIT vibration.

The history of vibration as an exercise Early studies on the effects that vibrations may have on human tissue have begun in 1980 with the Olympic Games in Moscow. Astronauts use the momentum of exercise-vibration therapy to combat the atrophy and decalcification of bone caused by weightlessness. The cosmonauts were able to accommodate up to 420 days in space ,3 times more than other astronauts (day max.120)

Operation The Vibrafit vibrations are transmitted throughout athlete’s body with muscles respect.

How? The vibrations cause reflections in the muscles leads to massive mobilization of mobile units, thus increasing blood circulation - a significant increase in the production of testosterone and growth hormone. Through the vibrating length of the muscle fluctuates without your will. The muscles and tendons contract and claim, with a very fast (20 to 50 times per second). Duration per exercise between 30 and 60 sec.Total training time appr. 10min.2-3 sessions per week.

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Shift molecular III

VeicolatoreShift Molecular III (electroporation for transfer of the active drug) is the greatest innovation in technology and therapeutic area, due to their construction and operation, which stand out significantly compared to any other system on the market . The goal of the Molecular Shift III (molecular transfer) is to optimize the transdermal transport of active substances in the tissues of the body, with complete safety for  patient and the person usually presented to them. The benefits of the administration of medicines with this mode are essentially: 

• Avoid systemic administration (oral, intramuscular, intravenous)

• Apply the medication directly into the body when affected by disease;

• Allow the introduction of the only active ingredient, with no carrier (excipients)

• Allowing ions to bind to certain proteins protoplasmic;

• Hyperpolarized the nerve endings.


• Anti-inflammatory therapeutics

• Pain Therapy

• The oxygenation of damaged tissues

• Cellular bio stimulation

• Transdermal delivery of active ingredients


CONCLUSIONS:  This method is completely non-invasive, because it eliminates the use of needles, also called "virtual syringe’ or injection without needle , with great relief by patients, because there is no traumatic effect. Treatment of pain: This technique combating inflammation and therefore pain and allows the transfer of molecules of the active ingredients deep into the tissue (from 0.5 cm to 10 cm).

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Belonismos• Acupuncture Dry needling

Acupuncture (dry needling) is a method carried out by a qualified medical personal, using the disposable needles (one use of course), painless, superfine ranging introduced into predetermined points of the skin to treat various diseases especially orthopedic and muscular problems (has nothing to do with the classical Chinese acupuncture). Acupuncture is not painful.

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KTP 1Looking at the various major sporting events ,all of us we have noticed some athletes to have in the various parts of their body certain strange colored elastic tapes. Is this for reasons of fashion or beauty? None of these.

This is a new type of therapeutic flexible tape, of the Japanese dr Kenzo Kase who discovered it 25 years ago, under the name of Kinesiotape. Navigation for the improvement of circulation, elastic tape with therapeutic effect on the biomechanical natural healing process of the human body. The KTP has proven its effectiveness through the activation of the neurological and circulatory system, by offering to the muscles, not only the ability to control the function of the movement but the ability to control the proper blood - lymph fluids circulation and the temperature regulation as well, etc. In addition, its being used for therapeutic applications in Rheumatology-Orthopaedic-Sports medicine - also in neuro-pediatric- pneumonology and mastectomy.

Note: The tape for Kinesiotape contains no medicine, but its therapeutic action depends just on the expert’s correct way of application

Kinesio Taping

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Sauna• Sauna Finnish type.
In Finland, the sauna was used once as a small obstetrics room ,exploiting its high temperature to give to the pregnant women a muscle relaxation of their pelvis for a ( as more as possible) painless childbirth. In our area, it is used mainly for healing and relaxation.

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Hydrotherapy for peripherical joints

NeroHydrotherapy for the peripherical joints of the upper and lower limbs for a-antiedematous - anti-inflammatory-analgesic therapy (elbow-wrist-knee-ankle). Depending on the state of the pathology must select the proper water temperature and pressure.

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YdromassageSpa Jacuzzi for two persons
It is the perfect way to relax after a day of stress.

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CureCenter15• Fitness equipments with compressed air .AIR MACHINE Cesena Italy.
AIR MACHINE fitness equipments with compressed air operated offer security and comfort to the joints function of the body and are equipped with a goniometro for adjusting the range of joint movement (range of motion). The equipment of the Air machine are also suitable for patients who have undergone in surgery in the joints of the limbs. The change of resistance in these devices (weight), is accomplished with a simple push of a button.

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Myoforce III

EndynamosiDynamometer isokinetiko Myoforce III The system isokinetico Myoforce III is the most comprehensive proposal for the assessment, rehabilitation, and strengthening the joints of all the arts. With the application of the latest technological progress accelerates and becomes safe and fast return to our daily activities and sports  With the isokinetic dynamometer to Myoforce III can have a passive motion (continuous passive movement) CPM as in the case of ankylosis, eccentric contraction-concectriche to improve the three parameters fontamentali muscle (force - acceleration resistance) isometric-isotonic.

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